Ways to Play for Earth

SunUp Our Sanctuaries

Protect the Sacred Solar Challenge Point of the Game:  To Protect the Sacred by getting off of fossil fuels and making the switch to 100% clean and renewal energy for all people and all purposes as quickly as possibly. To start this necessary process in the places we consider Sacred. For example, the Silicon Valley Inter-Religious Council (SiViC) has successfully taken up the solar challenge on June 26th, 2015. Here was a statement from when they…

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Story Mapping Challenge

Point of the Game: In celebration of the Earth, and our connection to all life, we invite you to play the Love This Place Story Mapping Challenge! The Story Mapping Challenge is remarkably simple and rewarding, and can be played on any device. Let’s awaken our innate biophilia, or “love of life”, in people around the world so that we can turn our love for these places into effectively caring for them! Rules of the Game: To…

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Service Projects

Point of the Game: Organized Service Projects are the planned expressions of compassion that address the needs of a community. Service Projects bring people of diverse backgrounds together to give back to the world, whether this is locally or to a global cause. Service Projects are a primary force of good in the Compassion Games, the effects of which ripple out to communities everywhere by inspiring us all what is possible when we come together to…

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