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Help plant a garden of compassion at Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club

By Jon Ramer


The Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club needs you.

Dedicated school chef Patrice Freeman shops the sales to feed her hungry troupe, but she has a dream, to feed her boys and girls with fresh fruit and vegetables from a bountiful school garden. She has the space, and she’s looking for donations of soil and the materials to create eight to 10 large planters for the garden and fill them with rich planting soil for the 2013 spring and summer.

The club is budget challenged. On the day of our visit, we dropped off a ream of copy paper because the club had run out. But it serves a great need. And now it needs our help.


What’s good? Volunteers in record numbers show compassion

Submitted by What’s Good ‘206’?

Some painted walls, others cleaned a preschool inside and out. Others pulled yard cleanup duty. All told, there were more than 12,000 of them — people who came out on Sept. 21, United Way of King County’s biggest ever Day of Caring and the launch of the Compassion Games.

Take a look by the numbers:
  • Total volunteers: 12,122
  • Total companies represented: 138
  • Total projects completed: 448
  • Total hours of labor: 59,737
  • Total value of work: $1.3 million

It was also the first time Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest, sponsored by Compassionate Seattle, collaborated with United Way of King County to inspire people to help, heal and inspire the community. Sept. 21 was the kickoff date for the Compassion Games, which continue through Oct. 21, and include many ways to give back and celebrate the community we live in.

Listen as your community talks about how we could all become more compassionate, and what would encourage us to volunteer more.

This video was produced by Austin Williams and Alyssa Piraino of What’s Good ‘206’?, an organization that features young people producing stories about how their peers are doing good and compassionate service in the world and helping to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

“Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” — Your Compassion Games Begin!

The Games Begin!
A kind and understanding word, a generous act, the surprise of an unexpected gift, or the warmth of a smile…you’ve shared these acts of compassion as either the giver or receiver, probably many times. And while you may be facing one or many hardships, you have a dream within you that keeps you sharing acts of kindness despite signs that would have caused others to stop long ago.

And that’s why the Compassion Games were created! The Compassion Games were created for you and everyone else to win by realizing your dream for great kindness, empathy, and compassion for yourself, others, and your world. If you let it, playing the Compassion Games can make you stronger and alter what you think can be.

So, how will you live your dream for a better world? Will you Do Good and surprise someone you know with a random act of compassion? Will you Volunteer for a United Way service project? Will you Tell A Story of compassion? Or will you Get SuperBetter and complete your quests for the Epic Win and help make a Golden Reality where no one goes hungry and no one gives up?

In the end, you know deep in your heart that no one wins if someone loses. And you know deep in your heart that everything’s gonna be alright because you’re gonna make it alright.

So this is your moment to really shine! Play the Compassion Games and Go For the Gold! Together we can make this world a better, safer, kinder, and more just place to be. Let the Compassion Games begin!

How to Get More Attention for Your Project and Organization

In the face of recent gun violence in Seattle and the nation, it is easy to become fearful and to lose sight of what unites a community. Many individuals such as yourself and many organizations that you may be a part of have been working in the community for decades to create real opportunities for those traditionally disenfranchised. We each do our part to bring to light issues of poverty, suffering, injustice, and violence. Whether newly awakened or long engaged, The Compassion Games seeks to amplify your interest to share the vision of justice and to collaborate to create a connected and caring community.

So how you do you get involved? There are four easy actions described below that you can choose from, but first, take a moment to consider what you or your organization is doing already that would benefit from amplification and expanded community engagement. Is there a tangible action/project/dream that could be done with your organization and the support of community volunteers? Are there “hidden treasures” in your community/neighborhood that represent compassionate action or provide an opportunity for compassionate action? Do you want to be part of Seattle’s Heart Map, linked with others engaged in creating the world we want to live in?

If so, here’s what to do next:

• Join the Organizing Committee for the 2012 Compassion Games by signing up here.
• Bring attention to what you’re already doing and post your community engagement activity/project here.
• Tell us about a “hidden treasure” in your neighborhood, acts of compassion, or opportunities for engagement that can be part of the Compassion Games  Scavenger Hunt. Sign up for the newsletter and send us your idea here.
• Become a sponsor of the Compassion Games and use our marketing communications to benefit your organization by contacting us here.

Go For the Gold” and join a growing list of sponsors and partners! The Compassion Games help us challenge and inspire each other to make our community the community we wish to live in – a more connected, vital, kind, inclusive, just, safe, and altogether better place to live. Together we can be the change we seek in the world, and your participation will make these games a success.