Our Sponsors

Puget Sound Community School

PugetSOUND schoolAt PSCS, our first focus is not limited to an academic program; our focus is on the full range of human development.   Our product is a safe, loving, nurturing environment in which the curriculum is responsibility and the goal for our graduates is maturity. We surround students with talented people of high character who help them find out what they’re passionate about, and then help them DO something with that passion.

Academics—delivered to students by a teaching staff with degrees from some of the most prestigious universities in the country—are a natural by-product of this environment. It’s a philosophy grounded in the most robust findings in behavioral science over the past 40 years, as well as first-hand observation of how kids learn and grow.

We ask students to dedicate themselves to three simple “core commitments”

Practice Integrity. Engage the Community. Act with Courage.  


Seeds of Compassion

seeds-of-compassion-logoSeeds of Compassion is an initiative to nurture kindness and compassion in the world, starting with children and all those who touch who their lives.

Community of Mindful Parenting

communitymindfulCommunity of Mindful Parenting aspires to empower and connect parents by inviting them to join like-minded families in pursuit of mindful living. The Community of Mindful Parenting partners with national and international organizations providing access to the newest research on the power of mindfulness allowing ample opportunities for growth and development. We offer classes, special events, articles and a Facebook forum to deepen the connection, exchange and reflection. http://communityofmindfulparenting.com/

Kirlin Foundation

kirlin_logoFor many years the Kirlin Charitable Foundation has worked hard to actively serve the needs of our community. Our passion for children, their education, and the health and strength of their families, has shaped the foundation’s vision and focus. http://www.kirlinfoundation.org/

Compassionate Action Network

The Compassionate Action Network (CAN) is the Compassion Games fiscal sponsor.

CAN is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that nurtures and supports seeds and sprouts of compassion in support of the compassion movement in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Seeds of Compassion is a legally conforming Supporting Organization to CAN.  CAN’s Vision is of a global society united in its compassion for the earth and all who inhabit her.

CAN’s Mission, is to support groups and initiatives that make our communities and world more compassionate by delivering concrete and tangible impact beginning in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. It does this through strategic convening, organizational support, mentoring, fundraising and fiscal sponsorship.