Our Sponsors

ESRI: GIS Mapping Software

ESRI is one of Compassion Games most cherished partners. They provide the brilliant technological capacity that make Reporting in the Compassion Games possible. Learn how they do it, and so much more, in the video below.

Learn more about ESRI here!

Fetzer Institute

Helping build the spiritual foundation for a loving world

About the Fetzer Institute:

We are living in a time of great transition. Our planet is stressed, and many of our institutions and systems are failing. Such times can contribute to alienation and despair, conflict and fear. But they can also be a time for hope, renewal, and creativity.

At Fetzer, we, too, are affected by this time of transition. For us, a bright future hinges on whether we, and enough of our brothers and sisters around the world, can truly open our hearts in love.

Our work is about helping build the spiritual foundation for a loving world.

Our goal is to help catalyze and support a broad-scale, spiritually grounded transformation from an ego-centered way of being grounded in separation and fear to an all-centered way of being grounded in oneness and love.

Our vision is a critical mass of people around the world embracing love as the guiding principle and animating force for living in sacred relationship with self, others, and the natural world.

Our efforts are grounded by a conviction that the connection between the inner life of spirit and outer life of service and action in the world holds the key to lasting change. All Institute activities—past, present, and future—are united by a desire to help improve the human condition by increasing conscious awareness of the relationship between this inner
and outer life.


Seattle Chocolates

seattle chocolates has been delivering smooth, all natural satisfaction in every bite since 1991.

Jean ThompsonThat’s because to us, chocolate is more than an exquisite treat. It is also a way to connect, a gift, a salve. It’s one of life’s fabulous little pleasures.

We’ve been using honest ingredients to create premium chocolate that satisfies the cravings and passions of discerning chocolate lovers. And now we’re proud to be part of a larger movement to produce distinctive, memorable products from right here in the Pacific Northwest. A taste of Seattle Chocolates is like a sunny day in March with Mt. Rainier glowing in the distance. Like a bounty of summer fruit from the farmer’s market. Like a cozy evening in front of the fireplace while the rain trickles down the windows. Like an afternoon on the Ferry taking an adventure. The combination of local flavors and inspired design makes Seattle Chocolates irrefutably yours.

Our small and mighty company is owned and led by CEO Jean Thompson, a seasoned and self-taught chocolatier. Our entire chocolate line is certified Kosher, and many varieties are also gluten-free and vegan. We have a deep committment to giving back to our roots, while also supporting and donating to organizations that better the lives of American families, specifically those groups dedicated to abolishing hunger here in the U.S. In 2012, we created the jcoco brand with a focus on feeding hungry families, at its core. For each jcoco bar sold, we donate a serving of fresh healthy food to one of our four food bank partners. You can learn more about our philanthropic efforts and giving mission here.


  • We believe in surrounding yourself with things you love.
  • We believe in licking the spoon.
  • We believe in colorful moments and daydreams.
  • We believe that looks DO matter.
  • We believe a little bit of indulgence every day is the way to go.
  • We believe that chocolate helps people live in the moment.
  • We believe laughter is life’s best accessory – makes you sexy and goes with every single thing in your closet.
  • We believe that chocolate can make a difference in our hungry world.


Points of Light

Points of Light – the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service – mobilizes millions of people to take action and change the world. To bring the power of people where it’s needed most, we:

Points of Light supports over 250,000 service projects per year with volunteers who commit over 30 million hours of service in 30 different countries. Learn more about Points of Light here.

Grinning Yogi



The Grinning Yogi is a warm vinyasa yoga studio with locations in Seattle and Portland. We teach energetic, flowing classes paired with (sometimes loud) music to provide you with an extraordinary yoga experience. Our studios are warmed to about 80-85 degrees.

As a yoga studio we are about way more than bottoms or bottom lines… Our mission is to provide consistently accessible, affordable– AMAZING vinyasa flow classes to every friend who walks through our door. We believe that taking care of oneself and finding a smile should never be seen as a luxury. Whether you’re just discovering yoga or are an advanced practitioner, we offer classes that will challenge and nourish you.

We can’t wait to meet you and share yoga, music, and a smile!


Service for Peace


Service For Peace is a global service learning organization connecting people to peace through service. Service For Peace (SFP) began in 2002 when 300 international youth volunteers from across the United States, converged on Washington, DC, to participate in a summer program that involved a total of 40,000 hours of service and, according to the Washington Post, saved the District $400,000. This program later evolved into SFP Summer of Service, one of the many programs offered by SFP today.

In 2007 Service For Peace engaged 5,074 volunteers in Louisville, KY; Bridgeport, CT; Miami, FL; and Chicago, IL. In addition, Service For Peace partners, and other chapter locations engaged a total of 70,744 volunteers in 891 projects in 17 cities across the country during the MLK Day Season of Service.

Realizing the need for improving communities worldwide, Service For Peace has expanded into 27 nations, introducing people of all ages to the rewarding experience of bringing renewal to their communities and nations through service, learning, leadership development, and sustainable improvements. later evolved into SFP Summer of Service, one of the many programs offered by SFP today.


Puget Sound Community School

PugetSOUND schoolAt PSCS, our first focus is not limited to an academic program; our focus is on the full range of human development.   Our product is a safe, loving, nurturing environment in which the curriculum is responsibility and the goal for our graduates is maturity. We surround students with talented people of high character who help them find out what they’re passionate about, and then help them DO something with that passion.

Academics—delivered to students by a teaching staff with degrees from some of the most prestigious universities in the country—are a natural by-product of this environment. It’s a philosophy grounded in the most robust findings in behavioral science over the past 40 years, as well as first-hand observation of how kids learn and grow.

We ask students to dedicate themselves to three simple “core commitments”

Practice Integrity. Engage the Community. Act with Courage.  


Seeds of Compassion

seeds-of-compassion-logoSeeds of Compassion is an initiative to nurture kindness and compassion in the world, starting with children and all those who touch who their lives.

Kirlin Foundation

kirlin_logoFor many years the Kirlin Charitable Foundation has worked hard to actively serve the needs of our community. Our passion for children, their education, and the health and strength of their families, has shaped the foundation’s vision and focus. http://www.kirlinfoundation.org/

Compassionate Action Network

The Compassionate Action Network (CAN) is the Compassion Games fiscal sponsor.

CAN is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that nurtures and supports seeds and sprouts of compassion in support of the compassion movement in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.Seeds of Compassion is a subsidiary of Kirlin Charitable Foundation, which is a legally conforming supporting organization to Compassionate Action Network (CAN).

CAN’s vision is of a global society united in its compassion for the Earth and all who inhabit her. CAN’s Mission, is to support groups and initiatives that make our communities and world more compassionate by delivering concrete and tangible impact beginning in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. It does this through strategic convening, organizational support, mentoring, fundraising and fiscal sponsorship.