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Welcome to the Compassion Relays!


The Compassion Relays connect the world through compassion. As we pass the Compassion Torch, we spread the light of compassion by inspiring and sharing the power of compassionate action in everyday life.  We bring compassion to life through caring for others, caring for self, and caring for the Earth.

The Torch is a symbol of the Relays. The Compassion Torch is simply your commitment to compassion. Your decision to join the Relays symbolically represents receiving the Torch yourself, and the commitment to pass its light on to others!

Join the global Compassion Relays today. The Relays herald and build momentum for the Compassion Games from September 11 through September 21. Anyone, anywhere, anytime can accept, carry, and pass on the torch!

Here’s How to Play:

To participate in a Compassion Relay means you are willing to receive, carry, and pass on the Compassion Torch.CompassionGames-facebook-logo

To carry the Compassion Torch means that for each day of one week you write down or capture a thought or action that shows compassion in your daily life. You can do this through any medium, including art, music, photo, video, or writing. At the end of the week (or each day if you prefer), you can submit a brief report to the Compassion Map describing your acts of compassion and your week’s experiences.

As a key part of the Relays, you must commit to pass on the Torch to at least one other person or group to keep the flame alive (you may do this at any time during your Relay).

Pass the torch to friends, family, and colleagues! Share your experiences with them and encourage them to explore compassion in their daily lives as well.

Explore the three dimensions of compassionate action – caring for others, caring for yourself, and caring for the Earth. It can be something you do, something you discover, or something you observe someone else doing that positively affects the lives of others.

Post your experiences and reflection about the Relays on the Compassion Report Map to further disseminate the antidote of compassion to the world!

Good luck!


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