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EarthHugFishWho is it that you love? When we think about those who are dear to us, we are reminded of what is truly most important to our lives. Our love for those we care about inspire unimaginable feats of human strength, connection, and resilience, and this love moves us to make the world a better and safer place. Love as a force of nature is truly a remarkable power to behold.

It isn’t much of a leap to realize that the sustainability and well-being of our only home, Planet Earth, directly affects the happiness and safety of those who make life so meaningful and beautiful to us. Our relationship to the Earth also nurtures our own personal well-being, allowing us each to feel a deep sense of connection, wonder, peace, and wholeness in this place we all belong to and call our home.

Ways to Play “For Earth” aim to help us transform our love for those we care about and our love for this place into compassionate action for the Earth and all her inhabitants. It aims to uplift and rally our spirits to live into a positive vision of the future that works for the environment, all of life, and for seven generations of life to come!

And, quite simply, Mother Earth needs our love!

Since it is the Earth’s land, water, and clean air that we totally depend upon for our sustenance, well-being, and futures, the decision to act compassionately toward our Mother Earth is as natural as breathing. We live in a time calling us to act in unprecedented, unified action to change the narrative of our current story to one of justice, sustainability, and love for one another, all beings, and our precious planet.

Mobilized compassionate action to Protect and Restore the Sacredness of Mother Earth is the ultimate act of compassion, for its benefits reach far beyond our individual selves to all living beings. The youngest among us, and our future generations, are looking to us – their ancestors – to care for the Earth lovingly so that it can support and sustain their lives as well.

Let’s play together and bring compassion to life for Mother Earth!