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What is the Compassion Games UN World Interfaith Harmony Week Coopetition?

In solidarity and support of one another, World Interfaith Harmony Week and the Compassion Games’ Interfaith League are co-hosting an excitingly spirited coopetition to take place from February 1st to February 7th, 2016. This coopetition is aimed to promote peace, harmony, collaboration and tolerance between all faith and spiritual traditions around the world through the spirit of competitive altruism, collaboration, and play!

The Compassion Games UN World Interfaith Harmony Week Coopetition is an incredible opportunity for any organization, group, congregation, place of worship or interfaith community to play in the Games in the spirit of a growing global unity and respect for all members of the human family. By using the innate desire of playfulness that exists within us all, the competitive altruism of the Games inspire and catalyze people to compete with one another – not against each other – for the greater good of compassion and service for others, ourselves, and the world.

The purpose of the World Interfaith Harmony Week Coopetition is:

1. To celebrate and make known the strong undercurrent of interfaith work already happening in the world, and to bring attention to this remarkable work so its positive momentum can continue to inspire and grow;

2. To amplify existing efforts and create new initiatives to further the reach of the interfaith movement, and to raise a broader awareness in the world’s communities that interfaith unity is possible. In addition, we want to ignite a sense of urgency for the need of this movement more now than ever;

3. To encourage faith communities around the world to reach out to their neighbors of different faiths in order to create new relationships of respect, understanding, and collaboration to expand the reach of the interfaith movement throughout the world.Compassion Games Quote

What Does it Mean to Participate in the Compassion Games UN World Interfaith Harmony Week Coopetition?

Teams that commit to play in the Compassion Games UN World Interfaith Harmony Week Coopetition will produce, host, or collaborate on an interfaith event that takes place during the first week of February in the spirit of interfaith cooperation and dialogue.

An event, project, or activity can fall into any of the following categories to qualify for UN World Interfaith Harmony Week, and be in the running for the prize awarded by WIHW to groups and events that imbue an outstanding display of passion, drive, and creativity:

An Interfaith Gathering
An Interfaith Collaboration
An Interfaith Game
An Interfaith Action of Kindness
An Interfaith Action of Peace
An Interfaith Dialogue
An Interfaith Dance
An Interfaith Publication
An Interfaith Research Paper
An Interfaith Concert
An Interfaith Annual Gathering
An Interfaith Souper Bowl! (Learn more here!)

Check out the Interfaith League Organizer’s Quick Guide here for interfaith event and coopetition ideas!

UN World Interfaith Harmony Week offers awards of $25,000, $15,000, and $5,000 (x2) for participating groups and teams whose compassionate actions in the world are a beacon of hope, and are making positive change toward peace, harmony, and tolerance between peoples of all faith traditions.

One incredible opportunity for participation in this Coopetition is to take part in the “SunUp Our Sanctuaries Solar Challenge”, an interfaith collaboration designed to incentivize and bring the power of the sun’s renewable energy into our places of worship to protect all of creation. Learn more about the “SunUp Our Sanctuaries Solar Challenge” below!


A Scoreboard for this coopetition will be created prior to the coopetition. To be displayed on the Scoreboard, teams and individuals must be registered.

 How to Play!

Step 1. Commit to Play (and Sign-Up!)

02-BannerresizeHave a conversation to organize an interfaith event or activity in your community during the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week Coopetition designed to promote peace, harmony, tolerance and collaboration between people of all faiths. Pre-existing activities, events, or initiatives in your community taking place during the first week of February also qualify. Sign-Up your team (or community) on the Compassion Games Interfaith Coopetition Form found here.

Step 2. Play!

01-MissionBring your interfaith event or activity to life during World Interfaith Harmony Week! Let it shine as a beacon of hope for what is possible to bring peace, kindness, and compassion into the world through a new precedent of interfaith harmony and collaboration.

Step 3. Report

04-BannerPart One: Submit a report of your event or activity on the Compassion Report Map found here to add it to the growing wave of interfaith unity across the world. These reports are a source of inspiration, solidarity, and honor for all people who play to bring compassionate action into the world.

Part Two: Submit your report on the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week Submission Form found here. (You can use the same text and copy from Part One!) Submitting your report on WIHW will qualify your participation in the running for the first place prize of $25,000, second place prize of $15,000, and the third place prizes of $5,000 (x2).

 Announcing the Compassion Games “SunUp Our Sanctuaries” Solar Challenge!

CompassionSunLongLogoLEDM-01We are deeply excited to announce the Compassion Games Solar Challenge, inviting interfaith communities around the world to “SunUp Our Sanctuaries!”, to build and inspire sustainable and thriving communities, and to protect and restore Mother Earth!

The challenge is for the most places of worship in a given area to have begun the process of solarizing their buildings and communities by the end of 2015. The immense benefits of bulk purchases and incentives make this challenge an easy one to consider, and the coopetition adds a sense of urgency which we know inspires action.

Solar technology has never been so incredibly effective, accessible, inexpensive as it right now. This is fortunate timing, because the need for green energy has never been greater.

Click here to learn more and to get involved with the SunUp Our Sanctuary Solar Challenge, which also qualifies you to be part of the WIHW Coopetition!

Nourish Your Soul at the Souper Bowl!

Compassion Games Souper Bowl - 2015

A fantastic way for any community to play in World Interfaith Harmony Week, the Souper Bowl is engaging groups and congregations around the country to collect healthy, nutritious soup to stock the food banks for our neighbors who are going hungry at this time. Learn more about the Souper Bowl here!

Coopetition Partners:

Compassion Games is working with the following partners to bring the Interfaith League’s UN World Interfaith Harmony Week Coopetition to life.

17 Compassion Games Partners for Interfaith

 If you are interested in being a Partner to support or sponsor this coopetition or the Compassion Games, please contact Sande Hart at sande@compassiongames.org.


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Highlights, Reports, and Stories:

Highlights, Reports, and Stories will be displayed here the week of the Coopetition.