Compassion Games

How to Play

Together we can make our communities safer, kinder, and more just places to live before, during and after the Games.

These are some of the games that you can play!

You can start a Compassion Relay

CompassionGames-logo-stackedThe Compassion Relays herald the Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest, to be held in September. In the Relays, people do and share daily acts of compassion. The Relays can be played by anyone, at anytime of the year, anywhere worldwide. The Relays are for individuals and groups in any and all settings – schools and youth groups, multicultural groups,community groups, businesses, city leadership, etc.


You Can Be a Secret Agent of Compassion

Agents of KindnessSign up to be a Secret Agent of Compassion. Each day of the Compassion Games you will receive a themed/mission for you to perform and if you so desire to submit a report about on the Compassion Map.



You Can Perform Acts of Kindness for Others

Random Acts of Kindness are selfless acts performed by a person or a group of people wishing to help others or the earth. Those who play this game learn about compassion by practicing it. Visit the Gallery of Compassionate Actions to discovers way you can promote positive action.

 You Can Volunteer for a Service Project Event

Participate in Planned Action Projects. Improve your environment and help your neighbors through activities like: planting gardens; organizing carpools; painting a house; organizing food shelves at a food bank; or volunteering to help out at an animal shelter.