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Compassionate actions towards Mother Earth.

2014 Leaderboard Results!

Ta Da!! We have updated the 2014 Leaderboard with the numbers for this years games. We’ve gone through every report that was submitted for every day of the Games. Although the whole spirit of the Compassion Games is playful and fun, we take your efforts to report on your acts of compassion seriously. Of course, whoever played in the games and did or didn’t report was a winner, and with that said let’s get into the numbers.

When accountants deliver “the numbers” they usually also prepare a “note” to help explain what the numbers mean. Consider this post that kind note. If you look at the leaderboard you’ll see that the teams are grouped by leagues and sorted alphabetically. Each of the columns are reviewed below:

Team names and #hashtags

We introduced hashtags this year as a way to apply a common name across all website and social media platforms.  In the process of reviewing the reports we made our best efforts to identify reports and associate them with the teams they belong to. Everyone didn’t use the same team name or #hashtag name to refer to a particular team. We did our best to cross reference and connect team wherever possible.

Number of reports

There were people who submitted reports with team names (or #hashtag) but didn’t put in any numbers. In these cases, at a minimum we put in “one volunteer and one person served” logic, being that the act of reporting was an act of service and the person reporting was served in the process. We made other revisions if it was obvious what the missing numbers should be.

Number of volunteers

This was straightforward. We just counted what people reported. We may not be accountants, but this was an easy one.

Number of hours

Some people reported an act of compassion that lasted 10 seconds, and others reported  actions that will last for infinity. We did allow for fractions up to a quarter of an hour. Did I mention we are not accountants? We did our best!

Money donated to local causes

This was straightforward. We just added up the amounts.

Number of people served

This is the most objective number of them all. This says a lot about the reporter. We left the numbers as they were reported. In some cases people’s compassionate act reached thousands and even millions of people. Who can disagree with that?  I sure hope it’s true. Other people were quite conservative in reporting on how many people were served. I remember last year someone said that their meditations were reaching all sentient beings for all-time! I believe that’s true, but that’s me!

Other Observations

We saw that there was an enormous amount of food raised and we didn’t have an easy way to count that. We need a column titled  “Priceless”!

There are also groups of players that self-organized to form a team and never officially signed up but played and reported as a team. This is very cool!

And then there were the amazing reports themselves. For example; check out the report on what was done in Sierra Leone where $200 was raised to get the word out and keep people informed about how to prevent the spread of Ebola. Or did you see the team that planted hundreds of pink flamingos in their neighbor’s yard to raise awareness and money for building homes in Guatemala? And of course, we hope you heard that the inmates in the California Institution for Women prison were playing for a second year, beating their personal best of 4600 points last year by exceeding their goal of 10,000 points this year! The stories go on and on.

The compassion report map is full of these kinds of experiences being shared with the world.  We’d love you to look through them and let us know about your favorites!

It is humbling and inspiring to see what we’re capable of when we come together to give of ourselves in creative ways seeking to play with compassion!

If you want to understand more about how we see the leaderboard and measuring compassion take a look at this article we wrote recently.

What’s Next?

Have your calendar handy?

October 15-25 – The Schools Games

February 1-7 – The Interfaith/Multicultural/Faith Based Games

Year-round Keep the Compassion Games alive in your life and in your community! Keep the reports coming and contribute to our Compassion Games International Facebook page. Keep the creativity flowing and broadcasted!

Compassion shared is compassion multiplied!

Here are your results! 



We don’t know where we are going but we know we are on our way

”We don’t know where we are going, but we know we are on our way,” answered Reverend Gerald Durley of Providence Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA when asked “where is this compassion movement going?” While we don’t know where we are going, we know it’s good, we know it’s safe, and we know we are suppose to be headed there. So, we keep on keep’n on and do it with great love, and lots of fun. And, what’s more, is we have a map to get there! However, like a conventional map, where the lines are already drawn for us to follow, those of you who are on this journey with us are drawing those lines, and doing it as we go.

The journey was inspired by a challenge to take the first step. Then a few more ambitious and faithful followers came along and brought their skills and tools and shared them. That was year two. Here we are in year three of the International Compassion Games, Survival of the Kindest, and a critical mass has joined the expedition and now they are showing us the way. They are leading us with their models and their talents, gently navigating us with suggestions to improve the process and consider new pathways. We listen and we say “yes”.  However, more than their talents and visions, they are leading us with their stories.

The stories shared on the Compassion Report Map each day fuel our travels and guide our rudder. We know we are headed to someplace important. But, like any important lesson in life, it’s not the destination, but the journey that matters.

Please visit the Compassion Map Reports and peruse the stories of compassion- subtle, profound, intentional, surprising, ordinary and transformative.  Direct link to Reports page….

Wow! 2014 Games Are Behind Us, Now it’s Time to Celebrate and Share!

Wow, what an amazing closing day for this years breakthrough Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest!

As you know there were convenings happening all over the globe celebrating a world of connected communities. There were hundreds of thousands of people out in the streets in New York City for the People’s Climate March as well as thousands of gatherings in solidarity with the March, and around the world people were also celebrating the International Day of Peace and the last day of the Compassion Games. It was a day when the world gave voice to the concerns and dreams we share about our future. No one can comprehend the impact of yesterday and I don’t think we’ll ever have a day like yesterday again. Or will we?

This year’s Compassion Games were a breakthrough and we broke lots of new ground; we organized into leagues of teams that can now prepare and train all year round, we introduced new games like “Drive With Compassion” and “Compassion All-Stars“, and launched the “Sun Up Our Sanctuaries Compassion Games Solar Challenge” which will run to the end of next year’s games, as well as over a thousand people acting as Secret Agents of Compassion. We heard the first Compassion Games theme song thanks to Dina Rae Capitano, got to download the Compassion Today! app developed by Dr. Lesa Walker, and of course all the power of self-organizing and inspiring teams making contributions like the #CreativeDeed project. Clearly we are all Compassion Games champions!

While we are overjoyed with the dramatic increase in participation, what really inspires us is what people are doing and the stories they’re sharing. Thank you to those of you who took great care and time to share your experiences with us on the Report Map. We know you are all in it, not for the points, but to help heal, inspire, make your home, community, world save, kinder, more just places to live. We also know those points are important too!

We will do a thorough review and report on what the 2014 games has contributed to our Compassion Games movement. We know the games are a catalyst for collaboration and we look forward to strengthening and expanding what is emerging.

For now we wanted to clarify the timing and encourage everyone to submit whatever reports they choose to. We encourage people to keep reporting on the compassion map in the days and weeks and months to come. But, for reports to be counted and tallied on the leaderboard for this years games the reports must be submitted by midnight Wednesday PDT. We will review and tally them and our goal is to have the final numbers by 5 PM Friday.

We recently wrote a piece about the leaderboard and why we think it’s important. You can read that piece here. Remember no one can lose the compassion games and the more people play the more people win! That’s why this is so worth the time and effort to organize. Thank you so much for making the 2014 Compassion Games a great success!


Mass Collaboration for Compassionate Action

Tomorrow is the day to dedicate our attention to the future of our planet. People from all over the world are coming together in solidarity recognizing the urgency of the situation and this unique moment of choice. What kind of future do we want for our children and our children’s children?  Everyone has a voice and everyone matters. The world needs to hear from you. This is a moment to stand up for what’s right, to stand up for our future, to stand up for peace and compassion. Our precious mother Earth needs protectors who can see past the shameless pursuit of profit at the expense of our future.

What is your choice? What does the world need you to do at this time? How can you turn your passion into an act of compassion?

This weekend there are a wealth of opportunities to get out and stand together and share a moment in time that changes everything. The world’s largest climate march is happening tomorrow in New York city. There are innumerable events happening around the globe in solidarity with this march. If there isn’t one happening in your area, start one! What are we waiting for?

Tomorrow, as you know, is the last day of the 2014 Compassion Games. Take a look on the Compassion Games event calendar to find an event happening near you. Tomorrow is also the International Day of Peace, visit their web site to learn about peace day events. And, another great way to find out what’s going on near you and around the world is through Unify,

“The only thing missing from any given situation is that which you have yet to bring to it” Mahatma Gandhi