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Champion Spotlight: We The World Lights Up The Earth

We are passing the torch today to We, The World. This organization is lead by Rick Ulfik who is the Co-Founder of the 11 Days of Global Unity which is a major inspiration for the September theme of the Compassion Games. WE a Consciousness, a Campaign, and a Collaboration of people, organizations and social change movements from around the world. We, The World has developed the Strategic Alliances and has the team to achieve that level of global collaboration and effectiveness. In 2004, We, The World launched 11 Days of Global Unity which now annually has more than 700 associated events in over 60 countries. WE Campaign is based on the successful model of 11 Days of Global Unity Campaign. The intention of the 11 Days of Global Unity is an experience from fear to love.

This week, We The World along with The Shift Network is bringing to the world 11 Days of Global Unity Summit September 11th through September 21st. You can register free HERE to participate and listen to Rick Ulfik talk with Luminaries of Global Unity like Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Sande Hart, Ralph Nader, and Michael Bernard Beckwith. Each Day is a theme of focus to challenge us all to Global Unity.

 Below are the 11 themes that will be included in the Summit

Check out Champion of Compassion Rick Ulfik’s passion and wisdom about Global Unity on this LIVE video below. 

We are thrilled to shine a bright light on We, The World! Join in this celebration by sharing actions, Global Unity theme reflections, and Summit on the Compassion Report Map with individuals and teams playing The Global Unity Games from all over the world (Until October 2nd)! Let’s build bridges for unity and peace with We The World.

Check out events happening around the world and add your events happening locally on We the World & Compassion Games Global Calendar.

Here is where you can find We The World’s WebsiteTwitter, and FB Page.



Champion Spotlight: Network of Wellbeing

A World Of Compassion and Wellbeing For All

We recently had the good fortune to meet with Josh Malkin and Florence Scialom from the Network Of Wellbeing.  We asked them to share the history, vision, and mission of the Network Of Wellbeing (NOW).  What follows below is what they graciously sent. As you’ll see their work is vital to building healthy networks of networks that connect personal well-being with societal health and sustainable approaches to caring for the planet. NOW’s Chair of Trustees, Satish Kumar, also known as the “Peace Pilgrim”, makes clear “we cannot have personal well-being alone, isolated: instead, we need to connect with and care for each other and the earth.”  He personally revealed a profound bridge as he walked from Gandhi’s grave to John F. Kennedy’s grave in a pilgrimage for peace in the 1960’s.

We invite you to participate the NOW upcoming event “Building Wellbeing Together” taking place at Hawkwood College, in Stroud, U.K. during the World Peace Weekend September 22 through 24 (details below).

NOW are great Champions of Compassion and we look forward to playing together!

The Network of Wellbeing (NOW) has a vision of a world where everyone’s well-being needs are met within the planet’s natural limits. By wellbeing, we mean happy people, healthy communities, and a sustainable planet. We believe that people’s happiness depends in part on the health of the communities in which they live and work. This, in turn, depends on the fairness of society as a whole, and the long-term health of the natural world on which we all depend.

In practice, NOW is building up a collaborative network of people and organisations who share our vision, providing inspiring blogs, videos and events, plus supporting actions to improve wellbeing in community settings. As part of this work, we are running a Building Wellbeing Together Weekend from 22nd-24th September in Hawkwood College, Stroud, UK. It is so brilliant that this event is happening at the same time as the World Peace Weekend, and we plan to weave messages of peace and compassion throughout our event. There are a few tickets and bursary discount spots still available, and we’d love you to join us!

We can’t have wellbeing alone

“Wellbeing starts with the personal and the finite and extends eventually to the infinite – we cannot have wellbeing alone.” Satish Kumar

We see wellbeing as being more than personal wellness; the wider contexts in which we live, work and play are crucial in generating (or undermining) the wellbeing of all. NOW’s Chair of Trustees, Satish Kumar, makes clear that we cannot have personal wellbeing alone, isolated: instead, we need to connect with and care for each other and the earth.

Although our organisation is only a few years old, the roots of NOW go back a long way. Our Chair Satish Kumar was known as “the Peace Pilgrim” in the 1960s,  because he walked, with no money, from the grave of Ghandi in India to the grave of Kennedy. On the way he met politicians and heads of state in a number of countries – including the USSR, France and the UK – on his personal campaign for peace.

Satish has been central in establishing the leading environmental publication Resurgence Magazine and the incredible education centre Schumacher College . More recently, in 2012, he linked up with wellbeing enthusiast and philanthropist Nigel Woodward and this connection resulted in the creation of the Network of Wellbeing (NOW).

Building Wellbeing Together

NOW’s approach is to build a network of individuals and organizations committed to the understanding and practice of holistic wellbeing.

Our forthcoming event, Building Wellbeing Together, is an example of this. The weekend is a participatory conference at Hawkwood College –  beautiful Edwardian country house in Stroud, only one and a half hours from London by train. This event will explore how we can we build wellbeing together, in our own lives, in wider society and in harmony with the natural world.

The programme for this event is packed with inspiring talks, participatory workshops, mindfulness exercises and more. We will theme some of our mindful moments around compassion, to honour the work of the Compassion Games and the World Peace and Unity campaign, and we will share updates via #WellbeingTogether on Twitter, so if you’re unable to join us on person please check out updates online!

For further details on Network of Wellbeing (NOW), please:

For further details on NOW’s building Wellbeing Together Weekend:

Champion Spotlight: ABC Charity

In Stockholm, Sweden we met with Filip Cederholm and Fia Carver Agoo the creative forces behind ABC Charity.  ABC Charity is a non-profit creating photo art to raise money for different children’s charities around the world.  They describe the charity as kids helping kids by imagining and creating “Letters of Compassion” that builds bridges.

Here is an example of ABC Charity in Punta Cana with an amazing group of youth.

This is a husband and wife team who are creating Global Unity by photographing children forming letters of compassion all around the world. They take pictures and create the first ever human alphabet created by approximately 500 kids in each letter, one letter per country. The pictures are sold as limited edition photo art in the ABC Charity web-shop, and the sales go to a children’s charity of the buyers choice; giving kids in need a better start in life.

In each location of the visit, they organize @ 500 children who come together to form a letter of the alphabet. Filip takes a photograph from an aerial view. These beautiful letters are offered for sale and all the proceeds go to support local charities and support the children that live in the location.

Here’s a video of Filip showing some of the letters and explaining how it works

We passed the Compassion Torch to Filip and Fia; here is what they each shared

You can see other champions sharing their fire on the Global Fire Place for the Global Fire here.

Check out ABC Charity Event on September 21st here and get involved with them in Stockholm, Sweden celebrating Peace Day!

You can learn more about ABC Charity on their website and on their, Twitter Page, Facebook Page, and Instagram Page.

Thank you for what you do in making a difference in children’s lives around the world and creating a place for Global Unity in action.

Celebrate ABC Charity compassionate impact and favorite memories from around the world on the Global Compassion Report Map!

Earth Week Champion Spotlight: 2020orBust

Thank you 2020 or Bust for creating a place where you empower individuals and teams to be informed and take action to really care for the Earth. You have taken the reality of where we are, help others take responsibility and share proof that we can do this together. We pass you all the Global Compassion for the Earth Torch.

“2020 or Bust” is the campaign to generate the awareness, action, and results that will bridge the emissions gap by 2020 to put us on track to ending the climate crisis in time. Join the Campaign. End the climate crisis. “The mission of 2020 or Bust is to align the global community on the next five years as our make-it-or-break-it window of opportunity in which to radically interrupt the current emissions trend and get us on track to end the crisis in time; to generate the thinking, planning and action that will close the gap between where we’ll predictably be in 2020 and where we need to be for us to be on track for a sustainable future.”

For the past three years, the Co-Founder of 2020 or Bust, Laughlin Artz, efforts have been focused on one singular commitment: to end the global climate crisis through citizen engagement and collective action.  As a pioneer in making the climate crisis and the ending of it accessible to ordinary people, Laughlin has distinguished himself as a recognized world leader and radical change agent, putting the power to solve humanity’s most urgent problem in the hands of civil society. See in this video below Laughlin Artz, on 2020 or Bust leadership team, share about 2020 or Bust with people in NYC.

Downloading the 2020 or Bust App is one example of a way to take action today and honor these Champions of Earth Compassion. What is the App?
This is your chance to be a hero! Climate change is the biggest challenge we’ve ever faced, and currently, we’re not on track to end the crisis before it’s way too hot. But together, human beings can close the gap between where we are headed and where we need to be to end the crisis in time. And we will be amazing together while doing it!

By playing 2020 or Bust: The Game of the Century, you will literally help reduce global emissions, the key to the world’s winning the game. You’ll also be part of a global community of great people who have committed to ending the climate crisis.

We need to reduce annual global carbon emissions by 8 gigatons by 2020 to end the crisis. With this app, you choose actions that shrink your own carbon footprint and with it, the global footprint.

Committing to these activities plugs you into the global game. You’ll see your progress and our global progress tracked on your dashboard. And coming soon, you will able to get notifications and reminders, track the impact of your actions, and get news and updates. Check out how to download the 2020 Or Bust App here!

See many different forms of actions you can take with 2020 or Bust at this link. 


Report your Earth Compassion in action on the Global Compassion Report Map for Earth Week until May 7th with 2020 OR Bust Team here:


Earth Week Champion Spotlight: Amy Walker


We are thrilled to pass the Global Compassion Torch to Amy Walker today! Thank you, Amy, for standing for courageous compassion for others and the Earth in all you do. Compassion Games wants to recognize Ms. Walker and her artistic projects expressed from her brave heart, standing up for Mother Earth with infinite love, and teaching us what compassion really means. Our intent is to celebrate her authentic service to caring for the Earth and the powerfully embodied message she shares. See Champion of Compassion, Amy Walker receive the Compassion Torch and also leading us all in a Water Blessing Ceremony in this video! Please share!

Amy’s multi-disciplinary spirituality is integral to her art and life, connecting her with the earth and all beings as Relatives. Her practices include knowledge from being trained and adopted into Native Nakota medicine ways with the Yankton Sioux in South Dakota; initiated into Kriya Yoga through the line of Gurus at Self-Realization Fellowship; being a third-year Moon Dancer in Teotihuacàn, Mexico; as well as countless workshops, books, and teachings. Watch this video below,  a beautiful example of her love and power,  inviting us to unify together into the compassionate way.

“This came to me in the Nakota language for you and all beings. I share it now with the intention of sending healing love around the world, joining billions of people in prayer on this 12/21/12 solstice. Feel free to share, sing adapt, arrange… Love!” -Amy Walker

Love is Sacred Medicine -a prayer song for mi daku owase, mitakuye oyasin, all my relations.

Wiwowashte de pejuta wakhan
Wiwowashte Ina Makha sitomniya
Mi daku owase, unshi ma nayo
Wiwowashte, chante owase ota

Love is sacred medicine
Love around Mother Earth
All my relations, it’s the way it is, the way it should be, the way I want it to be,
Love, a nation of many nations of hearts

Amy Walker is an actress, singer, inspirational speaker, and multi-disciplinary artist, as a way of expressing #CourageousCompassion. Her passion is performing in productions that entertain and inspire positive change. She has been featured on TEDx, the TODAY Show, NPR, Inside Edition, and her online videos have garnered over 40 million views on YouTube and beyond, from the viral “21 Accents”, to memorable characters, songs, and inspirational insights. In 2015, she toured internationally with her one-woman show, Amy Walker: Inside Out ~ Celebrating the Unity in our Diversity.

Join Compassion Games International leadership Team pass the Global Compassion Torch to Amy Walker LIVE today Sunday at 9:00 AM –  9:00 AM PST.  She will also lead us in a Sacred Water Blessing Ceremony Song. Learn more and join us at this link.

As a way to appreciate Amy Walker, you can join her participating in Earth Week and report as a member of “The Vibers”, by sharing your compassion for Earth in action on the Global Compassion Report Map through May 7th. For example, you can reflect on Amy’s Water Water Blessing Ceremony today and share with others. Game on Vibers!

You can sign up for Water is Life! Protect The Sacred Earth Week today!

Let us light up the world with compassion for the Earth today and celebrate Amy Walker by sharing this article and joining us today as we honor her as a Champion of Compassion. 

Earth Day Wisdom for all players & teams playing Earth Week below!

See the many ways below to stay connected to this Champion of Compassion, Amy Walker:

See Amy’s courageous compassion sketches on her inspiring YouTube Channel.

Watch Amy Walker’s Ted Talk about Expanding Your Identity to Embody Your Potential.

Amy Walker’s Facebook Fan Page

Follow her on Twitter

Amy Walker’s Website

Earth Week Champion Spotlight: People’s Climate March

Join the People’s Climate Movement this April 29th in Washington, D.C. and across the country to stand up for our communities and climate. 

Now that Earth Day 2017 is history, the week of action, led by the Peoples Climate March; is happening on the 29th and as outlined a week of activities are happening all over the world. Anyone can engage with and shed light on the challenges and opportunities to protect and restore mother earth.

Throughout the first 100 days in office, the People’s Climate Movement is organizing a country-wide arc of action, culminating on April 29th in Washington DC in a powerful mobilization to unite all of our moves.

Sister Marches are taking place all over the world.  Follow this link to discover where you can join in.

Earth Week Champion Spotlight: #Decarbonize BlueYouth

Let us rise together and share our deep bows of gratitude for the historical difference Decarbonize Blue Youth, as the world’s largest youth lead synthesis of climate action and recommendation. 11,000 Students were engaged in contributing 25,000 hours to the creation of a global White Paper on Climate Change from September to November 2016. This process was completed with a Writers Retreat in Marrakech, Morocco during the UNFCCC COP22.

See this group of youth from at Marrakech, Morocco during the UNFCCC COP22 do an amazing job speaking about indigenous water access!! Aboriginal voices need to be heard! These #Decarbonize Youth leaders share incredible wisdom about climate change and Earth Compassion action to take.

See how this incredible champions of compassion youth group made a huge difference in the Compassion Relay with the Global Compassion Torch being in thier hands leading up to Compassion Games The Giving Games Youth & Schools Play It Forward in November 2016 with Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. and The Green Sheikh.

Earth Week Champion Spotlight: Earth Day Network

As the world looks to find a new way to balance, preserve and protect Mother Earth we are grateful to have a partnership with the Earth Day Network and to recognize them as the lead “Champion of Compassion”.

Earth Day Network’s mission is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. Growing out of the first Earth Day, Earth Day Network is the world’s largest recruiter to the environmental movement, working with more than 50,000 partners in nearly 195 countries to build environmental democracy. More than 1 billion people now participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest civic observance in the world. We work through a combination of education, public policy, and consumer campaigns.


March for Science

This year the Earth Day Network is supporting the March for Science – a celebration of our passion for science and a call to support and safeguard the scientific community.

Recent policy changes have caused heightened worry among scientists, and the incredible and immediate outpouring of support has made clear that these concerns are also shared by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

On April 22, 2017, Earth Day, we walk out of the lab and into the streets.  We are scientists and science enthusiasts. We come from all races, all religions, all gender identities, all sexual orientations, all socioeconomic backgrounds, all political perspectives, and all nationalities. Our diversity is our greatest strength: a wealth of opinions, perspectives, and ideas is critical for the scientific process. What unites us is a love of science and an insatiable curiosity. We all recognize that science is everywhere and affects everyone. Science is often an arduous process, but it is also thrilling. A universal human curiosity and dogged persistence is the greatest hope for the future. This movement cannot and will not end with a march.

See behind the scenes of the March for Science in this video below!

You can watch the March for Science LIVE at this link on Earth Day Network YouTube Channel.

Our plans for policy change and community outreach will start with marches worldwide and a teach-in at the National Mall, but it is imperative that we continue to celebrate and defend science at all levels – from local schools to federal agencies – throughout the world.
CGI Global Calendar March for Science Event

March for Science website
Check out over 360 marches around the world planned that day.

Earth Week Champion Spotlight: Earth Gratitude

Earth Gratitude is a partner of Unify who introduced us.  They are focusing this Earth Week on “Earth Gratitude: Clean Living” and have published a beautiful Moni e-book with contributions from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, to Elon Musk, from Tesla Motors, Arian Huffington, and many other remarkable voices. 

The e-book is free and you don’t even have to give your email.   Download the e-book here  as they say in the introduction: “We are in deep gratitude to everyone who views this book, pushes pause on the daily routine and status quo, and makes a bold, brave, and sustainable choices for their everyday lives.”

Earth Week Champion Spotlight: Green World Campaign

The Green World Campaign: Founded and Nurtured by Marc Barasch

The Green World Campaign works to reforest our planet, raise the living standards of the rural poor, and combat global climate change.  Green World is planting trees to regenerate the soil. Here they play in the Compassion Games.