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Are You a Biophiliac? Discover Nature’s Gifts of Awe, Longevity, and Compassion!

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Collaboratively Written by Leadership Team Member Lesa R. Walker, MD, MPH& Compassion Games Storyteller Joey Crotty Are you a "Biophiliac"? If you are reading this and happen to be human, you probably are. The Compassion Games Love This Place! Serve the Earth Week coopetition is approaching quickly (April 18-26) with the goal to ignite and amplify [...]

Solving Wicked Problems with the Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest

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(Header Image: "New Pioneers" from Mark Hensen) At a time when religiously motivated violence seems to be more horrific and terrifying than ever, what would it take to transition our world to one of interfaith harmony and peace? It may seem pollyanna to wonder and idealistic to even ask if such a thing is possible. [...]

An Interfaith Pep Talk to Overcome the Impossible

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A Rallying Call for World Interfaith Harmony It’s well-known that for untold eons, human beings have fought each other in the name of their God or gods. But there is more to this story… As historian and TED Prize Winner Karen Armstrong points out, wars are and have always been political and economic in nature, [...]

Interfaith League Brings Play and Wonder to World Interfaith Harmony Week

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“In our broken world it is easy to become overwhelmed with grief and despair culminating in our inability to move forward. Each of us has been given a purpose in life, a reason for being. Each of us carries within a caring heart and a mind filled with ideas. The Compassion Games beckon us to rise [...]

Compassion Games to Protect and Restore the Sacredness of Mother Earth

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by Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr., Chairperson, Compassion Games International, Jon Ramer Founder Compassion Games International, Joey Crotty, Writer and Editor At the root of all social, economic, political, psychological and spiritual ills - both historically and presently - are the false beliefs  that human beings are separate from one another, and that we are [...]