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You Are Invited to the (Free, Online) Global Compassion Summit!

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Peaceful Summertime Greetings! The Compassion Games is excited to be partnering with the Shift Network in the first online Global Compassion Summit, and we warmly welcome you to join us! Do you sometimes wonder how you can deal with the suffering in your own life, let alone the suffering of the world? We know it’s [...]

Being Human Ain’t Easy: Unexpected Lessons from His Holiness the 17th Karmapa

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We surely can’t complain about the mystery and thrill of being alive. Yet, regardless of one’s walk of life, it just isn’t easy being human. Like the tilted spinning of the Earth traveling through the Milky Way, having balance in one moment does not necessarily mean we will have it in the next. Life is [...]

Highlights for Earth Week from Around the World!

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Greetings Compassionistas of Planet Earth! We are proud to report that over 30 teams from 4 continents inspired thousands of people to come together, acting in ways that affirm our love and compassion for the Earth and all her inhabitants. This awakening biophilia, or “love of life”, is transforming the world! We are still in [...]

The Power of Love and Compassion to Stop the Violence and Start the Healing

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Baltimore’s riots this week have highlighted the growing unrest and injustices across America. Many are being forced to rethink assumptions we've made about race, power, civility, and compassion.  We seem to have forgotten concepts like fairness and justice as a nation. Without this moral compass to guide us, what’s left? As video after video surfaces [...]

Love of Salish Sea Ignites Groundswell Opposition to Shell’s Arctic Drills in Seattle During Earth Week

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A message from Earth Day of a possible future: "It is on this day, this remarkable day, we give thanks to our ancestors. In the darkest time of our species’ history they faced a profound challenge. They faced themselves. It is the very fact that we are here, alive today in abundance and safety, surrounded [...]

The Love This Place! Story Mapping Challenge: Crowdsourcing Compassion for Mother Earth

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Announcing the "Love This Place! Story Mapping Challenge" for Serve the Earth Week! In celebration of the Earth and our connection to all life, we invite you to play with us starting now and through the end of Earth Week in the Compassion Games “Love This Place! Story Mapping Challenge!".  Join us as we crowdsource [...]

Players of Earth Week & Compassion as the Path to Justice and the American Dream

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As we're getting ready for the inaugural Love This Place! Serve the Earth Week coopetition, from April 18 through April 26, we are excited to introduce some of the “players” that will be participating. This is an extremely diverse group including teams from Portugal, Peru, United Kingdom, Italy, and cities in the United States and Canada including [...]

Are You a Biophiliac? Discover Nature’s Gifts of Awe, Longevity, and Compassion!

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Collaboratively Written by Leadership Team Member Lesa R. Walker, MD, MPH& Compassion Games Storyteller Joey Crotty Are you a "Biophiliac"? If you are reading this and happen to be human, you probably are. The Compassion Games Love This Place! Serve the Earth Week coopetition is approaching quickly (April 18-26) with the goal to ignite and amplify [...]