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Megan Gaiser with Leadership For Diversity

Spotlight Champion of Compassion: Megan Gaiser

We are thrilled to be passing the Torch of Compassion to this extraordinary leader, Megan Gaiser!

Today we are passing the Compassion Torch to Megan Gaiser, the Founder of Leadership For Diversity and Global Women Leader in the Gaming Industry. Megan recently founded the 21st Century Leadership for Diversity network, a collective force across industries championing leadership for the greater good. Check out this list of leaders from around the world that have joined this movement taking a stand for diversity!

She became one of the first female CEO’s in the video game industry and with her team, pioneered a new market niche – inspiring video games for girls, with the Nancy Drew game franchise. Awards include: “Game Industry’s 100 Most Influential Women” Next Generation; “Top 10 Most Influential Women of the Decade” Gaming Angels & “2011 Indie Cade Trailblazer Lifetime Achievement Award.”

This is a powerful place to be inspired by action with many resources on diversity and compassion leading the way on the resources page. As a way to elevate our celebration of Megan, you can join the Network of Leaders for Diversity too by signing up HERE! You can also follow the action on Twitter, Facebook, and Website.

Thank you for making such a vibrant positive impact in the world! Megan Gaiser, you are a Champion Of Compassion!



Unity Earth: U Day Festival Ethiopia

Spotlight Champion Of Compassion: Unity Earth

We are thrilled to light the Compassion Torch for the profound impact and infinite ripples of peace coming from Unity Earth! Thank you Unity Earth for bringing spiritual leaders, ambassadors, and musicians together in Ethiopia during World Interfaith Harmony Week! We celebrate Unity Earth for inspiring a convergence of compassion, peace, and unity fire together for the first time in history in the Ethiopia Land of Origin January 26th – February 7th. We are deeply grateful to participate with Unity Earth at U Day Festival on the grounds of Ethiopia this week.

UNITY EARTH initiative, U Day 2018 Ethiopia: Land of Origins includes events at sacred sites, musical performances and a special gathering at the African Union in Addis Ababa. Representatives are attending from Aboriginal Australia, Indigenous leaders from Asia, North and Central America, Buddhists Monks from Thailand, Sikhs, Bahai, Sufis, Tibetan Buddhists and Hindus from India, along with Jews, Christians, and Muslims. All are gathering in Ethiopia in a grand dance of music and spirituality to celebrate our colorful and diverse human family while advancing universal values of Peace, Compassion, and Unity. Learn about how to get involved in this Global Event virtually here on February 3rd.

UNITY Earth provides the philosophic foundation and framework for a wide variety of activities and organizations. Through festivals, events, education, and community building, UNITY Earth is dedicated to a grassroots approach to spreading the profoundly simple truth that we are one. We are one people, one human family, sharing one planet.

Unity Earth is committed to facilitating greater intercultural harmony and a deeper appreciation of humanity’s connection to nature.

There are so many inspiring individuals and organizations doing the hard work and taking strides towards greater unity on our planet, our aim is to strengthen and connect this grassroots movement.

One people: many cultures
One planet: many challenges
One colorful diverse human family

Unity Earth provides a roadmap to 2020 which includes many large events around the world including; Thailand in 2012, Ethiopia in 2018, India in 2019, Jerusalem in 2020 and more! See the detailed map to Unity Earth HERE. Thank you for all you are doing and blessing on this Earth!

In Caring Community,

Compassion Games International Leadership Team

Follow Unity Earth on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Welcome to the U DAY Festival




Scarlett Lewis with Choose Love Movement

Spotlight Champion Of Compassion: Scarlett Lewis



















We are passing the Compassion Torch to Scarlett Lewis and her son Jesse Lewis as leaders of courageous compassion, shining the power of love to the world!  Scarlett is the Founder of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement. Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement™ is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a mission to ensure that every child has access to Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in their classrooms and to help facilitate this teaching within their families, schools, and communities. They do this in honor of Jesse and to spread the message he left on his family’s kitchen chalkboard shortly before he died – “Nurturing, Healing Love.”

“Although we can’t always choose what happens to us, we can always choose how to respond. Children can learn to choose a loving thought over an angry one. When a child realizes that they have the power to positively impact themselves as well as those around them, it is empowering and perpetuates their positive actions and interactions.” –Scarlett Lewis, Founder of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement™ and Jesse’s mother

One of the main solutions through this movement is for educators called the Choose Love Enrichment Program Here are some of the incredible global impacts of this program so far.


  • More than 2,380 educator downloads
  • All 50 states + DC
  • More than 40 countries
  • 200,000 estimated student’s reached 
  • 100% of survey respondents said they have seen an improvement in classroom climate and in students’ overall behavior
  • More than 95% of survey respondents said they would use the program again or recommend it to other educators

Agents of compassion here is an opportunity to get to know Scarlett’s personal story that brought her to creating this Choose Love Movement in this video.

Lets shine light today on Scarlett Lewis by supporting this movement to continue to positively impact youth, families, and educators all over the world. It could start today by sharing this spotlight article, sharing how she has made a difference in your life on the Compassion Report Map and also donate to the movement. Your contributions will help keep the Choose Love Enrichment Program free to all educators. Your generosity will ensure that no student is denied this life-changing and even life-saving resource.

You can “Choose Love” even more with Scarlett Lewis on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also learn more about this movement through Scarlett’s book, Nurturing Healing Love: A Mothers Journey of Hope and Forgiveness. This book has a featured forward from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

“Scarlett Lewis has faced the ultimate darkness. She has shared, from a deep place of truth within, the agony of losing her Jesse at such a tender age. she has shared her very personal journey back to living and teaching how to become instruments of love…

Her message is a reflection of Jesse’s life. It is what I humbly attempt to live and teach. Where there is hatred, change the thought. Where there is no love, we must put love, and then surely we will find love.”

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer



Thank you for lighting up the world with love and compassion Scarlett! You inspire us to keep all our hearts in the Best Game On Earth!

In caring community with you,

Compassion Games International Leadership Team





Karen Palmer with Global Kindness TV

Karen Palmer: Spotlight Champion Of Compassion 

We are thrilled to pass the Compassion Torch to Karen Palmer today celebrating her as a phenomenal, Champion of Compassion during the 2018 World Interfaith Harmony Week Coopetition. Please join us during these seven days sharing this article on your favorite social media platforms with what you appreciate about Karen and report your reflections on how she, and Global Kindness TV has impacted you in your life on the Compassion Report Map.

Here we are passing Karen Palmer, Founder of Global Kindness TV the Compassion Torch! You will also learn more about what makes her tick, who she passes the torch onto (Rick Ulfick from We The World), Guided World Peace Meditation and so much more!

Karen Palmer just launched her newest book, in December 2017, called “Co-Creating Heaven On Earth”. She has included many solutions to these times including Compassion Games International.  

“Kindness and love are superpowers and are the keys that open the door to unity. We are all in this human experience together and we can co-create a more loving kind world. This book will show us how. You will feel inspired and empowered as you hear true stories of amazing individuals making a huge difference in their corner of the world.” – Quoted from Karen Palmer in “Co-Crea

Karen  Palmer is the mom who made a wish and started a kindness revolution. She is the founder of The #Globalkindness Revolution networking with many to co-create a kinder and more loving world. She has been nick-named The Queen Of Globalkindness and is also known as a Modern Day Mystical Mr.Rogers, Dr.Doolittle, and Dr.Seuss who uses music, meditation, mindful practices, and mantras for empowerment of all ages.  She is a singer and songwriter and will be going on tour for “The Spirit Of Love” in 2018 teaching self-love and cooperation through concerts, workshops, and community events. Learn more at

 She is also Co-Founder of Global Peace United and a partner at Charter for Compassion. She features both in her new book, “Co-Creating Heaven On Earth”  She believes in being a #voiceforthevoiceless and helps many other non-profit organizations and animal rescue. Her non-profit organization is dedicated to bringing environmental education, animal advocacy, mindfulness, kindness, and compassion to schools worldwide.

 She is a successful non-profit business leader, Best-Selling Author, Game Designer, Social Media Expert, Angel and Animal Communicator, Mindful Marketing Strategist,  Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor. Visit to learn more. She also designs musical coloring books  that empower children and families to sing together and volunteer as a family;  and

She combines Ancient Wisdom, Technology, music, and Modern Science to help make OUR world a more loving place. She also helps dreamers, visionaries, change agents, and peacemakers find their voice and share their message and gifts globally.

She uses hashtags, social media, and technology to help raise the levels of joy, love, kindness, and peace.

The intent of this article is to celebrate Karen Palmer! We invite you to take action today by sharing this article far and wide, follow her below and buying her new book that will continue to help make Global Kindness go viral and expand her movement!

During Harmony Week, Karen Palmer will be interviewing amazing people and having activity going on at Spirituality Gone Wild FB Page. The best way to stay informed is to follow her at all the locations below.


Facebook here and Spirituality Gone Wild FB Page





On Twitter, she is @MindfulMediaMom




On Instagram, Karen is @mindfulmediamom

Champion Spotlight: Reconciliation Canada

We are thrilled to pass the Compassion Torch to Reconciliation Canada including thousands of allies from around the world preparing to walk together in Vancouver, Canada on September 24th for peace, reconciliation, forgiveness, and a better world. Thank you for leading the way on how to walk together at this time. The land on which they will be gathering is the traditional unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the shared traditional territories of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw (Squamish), Tsleil-Waututh, and xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) First Nations. We will be amplifying this message “Namwayut” meaning “we are all one” during the Walk For Reconciliation on Sunday, September 24th 9:30 AM PST as part of the featured events to participate and support on the last day of The Global Unity Compassion Games.

Reconciliation Canada, an Indigenous-led organization, began in September 2012 with a bold vision to promote reconciliation by engaging Canadians in dialogue that revitalizes the relationships between Indigenous peoples and all Canadians in order to build vibrant, resilient and sustainable communities. A vision based on a dream of Chief Dr. Robert Joseph, Reconciliation Canada’s Ambassador, to witness tens of thousands of people of every culture and faith walking together for a shared tomorrow.

“Our future and the well-being of all our children rests with the kind of relationships we build today.”

Chief Dr. Robert Joseph

Through the development of meaningful partnerships and community outreach programs, Reconciliation Canada hosted a series of Reconciliation Dialogue Workshops across the province and three major events during Reconciliation Week in September 2013, including the Walk for Reconciliation engaging 70,000 people in Downtown Vancouver. We plan on supporting the goal to expand this number two fold on Sunday, September 24th. Game on! See the great power of what happened in 2013 below.

Walk for Reconciliation – Vancouver 2013 from Reconciliation Canada on Vimeo.

Here are some of the milestones to celebrate and appreciate about this Champion of Compassion organization:

  • The City of Vancouver unanimously passed a motion to proclaim a Year of Reconciliation from June 21, 2013 to June 20, 2014.
  • 70,000 people braved the pouring rain in Downtown Vancouver to join the Walk for Reconciliation on September 22, 2013.
  • The B.C. School Trustees Association passed a motion on residential schools as a required high school course in April 2014.
  • The City of Vancouver unanimously passed a motion to support a City of Reconciliation Framework on October 28, 2014.
  • The Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil Waututh First Nations hosted a Brushing Off Ceremony for the City of Vancouver’s Mayor and Council to prepare them for their new term on December 16, 2014.
  • Co-hosted events in Ottawa, ON, and Vancouver, BC, to coincide with the closing of the TRC in May 2015 including a 10,000 person Walk for Reconciliation in from Gatineau to Ottawa.
  • Conducted more than 40 Dialogue Workshops in communities across Canada, including Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray and Whitehorse.
  • Several cities have declared their commitment to reconciliation, including Calgary, Campbell River, Cranbrook, Edmonton, Port Alberni, and Toronto.

Check out the multiple ways you can honor in action your support in The 2017 Walk For Reconciliation. You can join a team in the walk, support a walker, donate to the event, and volunteer. Another great way to honor Reconciliation Canada is to reach out to your local community and get involved in where bridges are being made or need to be made. As part of Reconciliation Canada Team, share your reflections and inspired reconciliation action with the global family and teams from all over the world on the Compassion Report Map.

Find and follow Reconciliation Canada:





Champion Spotlight: Films For The Planet

The Compassion Torch is being passed to Films For The Planet as Champions of Compassion Film Club elevating bridges for peace, and our precious planet! Films For The Planet is contributing many inspiring films as a gift to the masses in global unity to inspire collective social justice.

Films for the Planet is a streaming online platform featuring the best in environmental and social action films on Earth. You are invited to join the PEACE RISING Streaming Film Series, September 9-24. This series is one of the featured ways to play The Global Unity Compassion Games happening also September 9th – September 24th. See Cynthia La Grou Founder of Films For The Planet and also ROOTED in PEACE Film Director, Greg Reitman speak with us about Films For Planet below when we went live to millions on UNIFY’s FB Page.

Films for the Planet selected six beautifully-produced, award-winning documentaries to be featured on Films for the Planet exclusively for 16 days during the World Peace & Global Unity campaign. Headlining the series, the documentary ROOTED in PEACE will be streamed for FREE as a Global  Film Stream LIVE on September 21 9 AM PST,The International Day of Peace – offering a unique opportunity to experience this award-winning film on the day of its theatrical release in over 80 U.S.cities. What an amazing opportunity for so many people and places bridging Rooted in Peace together at the same time. This will be featured as one of the hours of the Global 24 Hours of Compassion. Attendees can access the program on the Members Circle anytime after September 9 and will be emailed timely reminders of the film viewings, in addition, to value added learning resources and take action opportunities for those wishing to explore topics further and sign up here to access these incredible film events.Planetary, One Day on Earth, A Quest for Meaning, A Voice4Peace, World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements. Ignite a film conversation in your community as a way to participate in The Global Unity Games!


The other films that will be offered include Planetary, One Day on Earth, A Quest for Meaning, A Voice4Peace, World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements. A great way to celebrate this Champion of Compassion is Ignite a film conversation in your community as a way to participate in The Global Unity Games and sign up on HERE for access to this Global Virtual Theatre. Share how these films are impacting your life, community at this time on the Compassion Report Map.

We also suggest following Films For Planet FB Page, on Twitter, and Website.








Champion Spotlight: Parliament of the Worlds Religions

We are thrilled to pass the torch to The Parliament of World’s Religions. Thank you for sharing the promise of inclusion and the power of love with the world. Thank you for being a shining light on how to build bridges for peace, prosperity, and the planet. Larry Greene, the Executive Director shared a message of hope sharing a call to play The Global Unity Games. See his inspiring message in this video below.

The Parliament of the World’s Religions was created to cultivate harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world. In 2018 The Parliament will be held in Toronto, Canada a globally known interfaith, inclusive, and compassionate city November 1st through November 7th. Toronto will be hosting the 7th Parliament of World’s Religions. 

More than 10,000 people will participate in the 2018 Parliament, which will last for seven days and comprise more than 500 programs, workshops, and dialogues, alongside music, dance, art and photography exhibitions, and related events presented by the world’s religious communities and cultural institutions.

Since the historic 1893 World’s Parliament of Religions in Chicago, modern Parliaments have attracted participants from more than 200 diverse religious, indigenous, and secular beliefs and more than 80 nations to its international gatherings in Chicago (1993), Cape Town (1999), Barcelona (2004), Melbourne (2009), and Salt Lake City (2015). These Parliament events are the world’s oldest, largest, and most inclusive gatherings of the global interfaith movement. Professor Mark Toulouse, Co-Chair of the host committee, believes that “the selection of Toronto was a perfect match for the Parliament.” This video shares the soul of 2017 Parliament plans in Toronto.

The Compassion Games Leadership team are thrilled to attend the 2018 Toronto Parliament after attending and partnering at the magnificent 2015 Parliament in Salt Lake City. See “Pass The Torch” in action below from the 2015 Parliament. You can see the whole article here as we share many highlights and reflections of the Parliament. 


You can learn more about the Parliament of World’s Religions here and join us at The 2018 Parliament Of World’s Religions here: WebsiteFacebookTwitter



Champion Spotlight: Isle Of Aero Builds Bridges for The Planet

We are honored to have an experience walking, biking and passing the Compassion Torch on the gem Isle of the Aero Municipality. This place is a champion of compassion in sustainable living and taking a lead in building bridges for the planet and humanity. The island of Aero, in Southern Denmark, boasts one of the world’s largest solar energy plants. The Municipality’s objective is to reach energy self-sufficiency. Aero has been acknowledged as one of the world’s boldest and most efficient solar power plants in the world in this Life Gate Article.

This Champion of Compassion place has now reached a point where it is considered one of the leading renewable-energy islands in the world. By 2025 Aero Municipality will be carbon neutral and energy self-sufficient. We see they are on their way in profound ways in making world records in unique ways. The island has just under 7 square meters of sun collectors, per inhabitants, to cover part of the district heating consumptions. The remainder of the district heating comes from wood and straw which is CO2 free. Since the 1980’s wind turbines have had a central place in the utilization of renewable energy sources on Aero. Aero Municipality, and a wide range of local and European partners have received and EU contribution for an Electric Ferry project. Since the Summer of 2017 the ferry system became 100% electrically powered ferry.

These initiatives, and others have won the island numerous awards.

  • Aero received the honorary award as Denmark’s Sun City.
  • The island won the Energy Globe Award for Sustainability, also know as Nature’s Nobel Prize.
  • The EU Award for Sustainable Societies, best renewable energy partnership in isolated communities.

These awards demonstrate how the community of Aero can work past its differences and build the bridges needed to create a sustainable environment.  the sustainable beauty in this Rick Steve’s video below from the Isle of Aero.

How can you today make a more sustainable Earth affirming choices? As we celebrate this champion of compassion together lets share reflections, actions, and inspirational moves on the Compassion Report Map.


Champion Spotlight: 9/11 Day Transforms Pain Into Unity

There is no doubt that the tragic events of 9/11 changed the world. In response to the attacks in an effort to transform pain into collective power for good, 9/11 Day was born. We are honored to recognize 9/11 Day as a Champion of Compassion.

The September 11 National Day of Service, or 9/11 Day, is a national volunteer day and annual event taking place on September 11.  To go deeper behind the origins of this day is to know that it was the passion and dedication of two friends, David Paine and Jay Winuk, who worked together for years to make this happen.

The 2017 9/11 Day has some incredible ways you can get involved and up your service and compassionate actions through honoring this day of remembrance. Join the #MomentOfSilence Campaign by sharing this moment of silence image on 9/11/ Day and be in silence with many remembering across the Country. On Monday, September 11, 2017, we’re asking Americans to observe one or more of the moments of silence, staying silent on social media for 60 seconds at each time.

Another way to honor this Champion of Compassion Organization is to take action and help with our friends in Houston, Texas in Hurricane Harvey Relief support. Check out 9/11 Day site to see ideal resources on ways to help from wherever you are on the planet.

“We wanted something positive to come from the loss of so many innocent people in such a terrible way,” says David. “We didn’t want the terrorists to have the last word in how 9/11 would be remembered.”

Founders of 9/11 Day David Paine and Jay Winuk speaking on behalf of 9/11 Day at a Broadway Unites event.

These two friends, David Paine and Jay Winuk, who lost his brother Glenn Winuk in the 9/11 attacks, have dedicated the better part of their lives over the past 15 years working to transform 9/11 from a day of terror into a day of compassion and good.

Founders of 9/11 Day David Paine and Jay Winuk summarize their journey in the following way: 

“We’ve worked to redefine the day, focusing instead on all the goodness that people everywhere showed in response to the attacks, along with the remarkable sense of togetherness that seemed to dissolve our differences for a while. We felt this was the best way to honor the victims, their families, and the heroes of 9/11, keeping that spirit of unity, empathy, and service alive, and passing it onto future generations.”

In 2009 the U.S. Congress and President Barack Obama joined together to pass bipartisan national service legislation that formally designated September 11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance.

The mission of 9/11 Day is to keep alive the spirit of unity and compassion that arose in the immediate aftermath of the September 11 attacks.

Annually, in New York City, 9/11 Day has over 2,000 volunteers packing 500,000+ meals for needy families, seniors, and military veterans.  You can help and volunteer in NYC, or donate any amount by going here.

We encourage you to connect to 9/11 Day and share your service for others on the Compassion Report Map, amplifying the compassionate world we live in together with Team 911 Day. 

FB Page

Twitter #MomentOfSilence, #911Day #NeverForget:


YouTube Channel

Champion Spotlight: We The World Lights Up The Earth

We are passing the torch today to We, The World. This organization is lead by Rick Ulfik who is the Co-Founder of the 11 Days of Global Unity which is a major inspiration for the September theme of the Compassion Games. WE a Consciousness, a Campaign, and a Collaboration of people, organizations and social change movements from around the world. We, The World has developed the Strategic Alliances and has the team to achieve that level of global collaboration and effectiveness. In 2004, We, The World launched 11 Days of Global Unity which now annually has more than 700 associated events in over 60 countries. WE Campaign is based on the successful model of 11 Days of Global Unity Campaign. The intention of the 11 Days of Global Unity is an experience from fear to love.

This week, We The World along with The Shift Network is bringing to the world 11 Days of Global Unity Summit September 11th through September 21st. You can register free HERE to participate and listen to Rick Ulfik talk with Luminaries of Global Unity like Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Sande Hart, Ralph Nader, and Michael Bernard Beckwith. Each Day is a theme of focus to challenge us all to Global Unity.

 Below are the 11 themes that will be included in the Summit

Check out Champion of Compassion Rick Ulfik’s passion and wisdom about Global Unity on this LIVE video below. 

We are thrilled to shine a bright light on We, The World! Join in this celebration by sharing actions, Global Unity theme reflections, and Summit on the Compassion Report Map with individuals and teams playing The Global Unity Games from all over the world (Until October 2nd)! Let’s build bridges for unity and peace with We The World.

Check out events happening around the world and add your events happening locally on We the World & Compassion Games Global Calendar.

Here is where you can find We The World’s WebsiteTwitter, and FB Page.