Compassion Games

About Us

Compassion Games make our communities safer, kinder, more just and better places to live.

Two ProgramsCompassion Games International (CGI) is a year-round non-profit initiative with the fiscal sponsorship of the Compassionate Action Network (CAN). Our mission is to inspire, activate, celebrate, and share compassionate action.

The primary way we do this is through two affiliated and complementary programs:  (1) the Global Compassion Games, staged from Sept. 11-Sept. 21 annually; and (2) the Compassion Relays, which are open year-round.

The Compassion Games came into being in response to a community challenge issued in 2012 from Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville, Ky., to Seattle, Wash. In response to the challenge, the “Compassion Games” and a new possibility of “coopetition” (cooperative competition) was born. In a few short years, the Games have engaged cities, community groups, families and individuals in several countries.


Our objectives are to:

  • empower communities to build the capacity to learn new skills that enable more compassionate behaviors towards each other, the earth, and ourselves
  • activate acts of compassion and provide a forum for participants to reflect on the meaning of their actions
  • provide an organizing structure that motivates participants and allows them to be creative and self-organizing in how they express their acts of compassion
  • provide tools for participants to report their acts of compassion so that others can gain inspiration and ideas for their own actions
  • develop and showcase leadership related to compassionate action
  • create a fun and engaging experience for participants
  • spread the concept of compassion
  • measure and report on our outcomes

Anyone can play the Compassion Games or carry the compassion torch in the Relays as an individual, as a team, or challenge other groups or communities to play together in a “coopetition,” in which we compete with each other, not against each other.

Who we are

Jon Ramer: Founder and “First First Follower” of Compassion Games International, Ramer was moved by the events of Sept. 11, 2001 to focus his entrepreneurial energies on non-profit community organizing. In 2008, Ramer was an organizational participant in The Seeds of Compassion, an event aligned with a visit to Seattle by H.H. Dalai Lama. As Executive Director of the Compassionate Action Network, Ramer conceived and implemented the Compassionate Cities Campaign. He is the co-author, with Phil Lane, Jr., of “Deep Social Networks and the Digital Fourth Way.”

Chief Phil Lane, Jr.: Chairman of Compassion Games International, Lane is an internationally recognized Indigenous leader and a traditionally recognized Hereditary Chief and Elder. He is the founder and chairman of the Four World’s International Institute (FWII), which works to build partnerships with all nations and peoples. He is an enrolled member of the Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations, and is a citizen of both Canada and the United States.

Sande Hart: Head Coach of Compassion Games International, Hart also serves as Interim Regional Coordinator for the United Religions Initiative (URI) North America and is president of the Spiritual and Religious Alliance for Hope (S.A.R.A.H.), a women’s interfaith community building organization with the goal of empower women and community, end religiously motivated violence, and promote a culture of peace.

Andy Smallman:  Andy Smallman is the founding director of Puget Sound Community School, an independent school in Seattle for students in grades 6-12. With his wife, Melinda Shaw, and a dedicated group of parents, he started the school in 1994 to create a model for a style of education that helps students build on their strengths and nurtures their intrinsic motivation. Since the founding of PSCS, Andy has facilitated classes on the subject of kindness, the purpose of which is to help people connect to their true nature and increase peace in the world.

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Rahbin Shyne: Compassion Games International Education Coach- Author of theAdventure in Compassion titles, Shyne is an active proponent of transforming the educational setting through compassion. As Compassion Games International’s Education Coach, Shyne is active in recruiting and supporting the Schools and Colleges playing in the School League. In addition to bringing compassion to the education setting, she is Executive Director of Earth Mothers, a nonprofit organization which promotes compassion for others through charitable giving and compassion for the planet through sustainable living.

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